Live act X
Lisbon-Tbilisi-Budapest, 31st of May, 22.00-23.00 (Budapest time), Mamuka Japharidze (GE) / dj tano (GE) / Ahad (HU) / e’n (HU) / Rádio Zero (PT)
technique: Attila Bósza aka At_sz

archive: live act X

in Budapest live from the 2nd relative (cross)hearings festival

The artists are using ecologically sensitive sources of energy as sound sources. Dams and eolic parks including storm and wind-sounds in Portugal , thermal water fountains in Budapest and a paper sail boat in Tbilisi; musique concrete, live-sounds and live soundscape.

Mamuka Japharidze: ” ‘Navi Niavi’…….Navi in Georgian means Boat and Niavi means breeze, gentle wind. As inside of language, i find, there is an entire engine of energy…NAVI introduction is to exhale strongly; this is wind energy and i shoot a film also of the little paper boat in a pond……In my video work I am interested in creating a non narrative, meditative moving image. Energy of a boat moved by wind and contacts within an international sound orchestra…for me this energy is energy of intelligent mind, like energy of music or poetry.”


individual artists on behalf of Rádio Zero:
Paulo Raposo: mix, processing, recordings
Luis Antero: field recordings
Carlos Santos: mix, processing, recordings