April&May 09

Intimacy & Distance literally connects the festival locations by presenting a series of 10 simultaneous live-acts, jointly performed and broadcast at (minimum) two cities.

partner radio stations: Budapest, London, Tbilisi, Vienna.
Further locations: Berlin, Bucharest, Lisbon and Marseilles.

The theme of the investigation, Intimacy & Distance, really is its condition:  both on the level of organizing radio stations, which are linking their airwaves across the geographical distance, and on the level of artists, who are forming transnational live-act teams.

» all re/broadcast dates at ORANGE 94.0 / vienna

Live act I, FEED FORWARD, Berlin-Vienna
10th of april, 21.00-24.00, Zimmermann/Fischer
A Radio Station and a mini Radio Installation integrated as an analogue telephone feed-back system, modulated into melodic and rhythmic interactions; any hardware found in the radio studio is viewed as a potential instrument.
Locations: artist’s co-operative gallery Foto-Shop Berlin. Ether: FM 94.0 Vienna area.

Live act II, TWO WAY SPLITTER TWITTER, Budapest – Vienna
12th of April, 22.00-23.00, Fischer/Kaiser/Ahad/én
the sound texture of the waves of the ether (short wave, medium wave, FM etc) confronts with encoded messages and the improvisation of the violin and the viola.
Following the Conet project, the artists are developing and using their own code. Their coded messages to each other (human noise) stimulate further actions and reactions from both poles of the act: samples and live modulations of numbers station’s recordings, radio amateur signals and all together representing all possible methods of analogue frequency modulation (short wave, medium wave, FM etc).
Locations: Ether: FM 94.0 Vienna area; FM 90.3 Budapest area.

Live act III, ROLLING STONES, London-Tbilisi-Lisbon
22nd of April, 23.00-24.00 (Tbilisi time), Japharidze/dj Tano/Rádio Zero
an orchestra of watermill-stones from rural areas in Georgia, Portugal and UK; sound modulation: utilizing of various transmission techniques, dj-ing and scratching of millstone recordings on vinyl. Double-live-image feature stream of rolling stones (mills & vinyls).
Locations: Sazano mill, Buja mill and others. Ether: FM 107.4 Tbilisi area; FM 104.4 London city. Webstream university radio zero / Lisbon.

Live act IV, RADIORA, Budapest-Tbilisi
[ora = hungarian: hour, clock]
3rd of May, 22.00-24.00 (budapest time) , én/dj Tano
A team-play of musique concrete and popular ambient electronic around time. Live-composition.
Locations: Ether: FM 90.3 Budapest area; FM 107.4 Tbilisi area.

Live act V, SKETCH (2) FOR SUSPENSION OF BELIEF, London–Marseilles
postponed to sunday, 7th of June (weather permitting), 12.00 london time, Weaver/Baxter
Suspension of Belief (Sunday 7 June at noon) combines live rock-climbing with text and sound (both musical and incidental) in a specifically radiophonic work. Organizer Chris Weaver, artistic director Ed Baxter (Resonance FM), featuring rock-climber Gaz Parry and ex-rock-climber and writer Jim Perrin.
Locations: a cliff in Spain, a studio in France, resonance fm. Ether: FM 104.4 London city; FM 88,8 Marseilles area.

Live act VI, CATO-COPTERS , Bucharest–Vienna
21st of May, 18.00-18.45 (Vienna time), Draganescu/Belciu/Ji-Gabo/Kaiser
a live-radio-drama produced in bucharest and vienna, telling a story with the tools of electronic music, live analogue soundscape and two voices.
Locations: Teadrinker’s library (and event-space) in Bucharest. Ether: FM 94.0 Vienna area.

Live act VII, TESLA ANIMALS, Bucharest–Budapest
postponed to 14th of June, 22.00 (budapest time), Draganescu /Belciu /Ji-Gabo/Ahad/Turcsány
The artists are working on an evocation of Nikola Tesla’s (1856-1943) visionarity. In Tesla’s opinion „Life” and „Nature” have an universal inner rhythm and (electromagnetic) resonance; with support of Dr. Liviu Vasiliu “Teslina” and his tesla coils and devices.
Locations: Teadrinker’s library (and event-space) in Bucharest. Ether: FM 90.3 Budapest area.

Live act VIII - IX, TRANSEO I.-II. / composition for a checkpoint, Budapest–Vienna
24th of May, 16:30-17.00 (I); 22.00-23.00 (II), Turcsány/Ventzislavova.
I.) Both artists are simultaneously attending the border between Austria and Hungary. They’ve never met before. The two women are carrying a parcel each. The parcels contain certain elements of life- ’sound-loads’.
II.) After meeting in between the borders - on a former checkpoint - they continue their journey together until they and their parcels appear again in the evening, on vivid places in the city of Vienna.
What is inside the parcels? No one knows what they really are carrying. Is the inside hiding a baby coming to this world, or is there a woman giving birth, or is there just a nameless body - alive or dead? Nobody can see but some people can hear.
Locations: Border between Hungary and Austria. Vienna streets. Ether: FM 94.0 Vienna area; FM 90.3 Budapest area.

Live act X, ENERGY, Lisbon-Tbilisi-Budapest
31st of May, 22.00-23.00 (budapest time), Japharidze/dj tano/Ahad/én/Rádio Zero
sources of environmentally sound energy; artists are envisaging windmills, eolic generators, a damm, thermal water fountains, a turkish bath etc.; musique concrete, live-sounds and live soundscape.
Locations: Ether: FM 90.3 Budapest area; FM 107.4 Tbilisi area. Webstream university radio zero / Lisbon.