Jan Zimmermann

musician, sound artist, electronic instrument designer. Especially interested in realtime processes turning transcription or transmission systems themselves into soundgenerators via feedback modulation.
Past works in this area include experiments with vinyl cutting / tape transcription / radio transmission systems, some presented at international festivals as Clubtransmediale (D) / Mutec (CA) / Todays Art (NL).


Anca Belciu

is a coloratura soprano and a music teacher. she graduated from “George Enescu” Conservatory of Bucharest in 2008 and is currently preparing for a master`s degree in vocal interpretation at the same university. Belciu earns her living with various singing jobs and commercial projects, beside her more personal and experimental ones, as for instant the band DUTEVINO (2004-2008).

Catalin Draganescu

presently works as a Helicopter Emergency Life-Rescue Doctor (and Executive Medical Director) with the “Special Air Services” S.R.L. Bucharest Romania since 2002 ;
He graduated canto (etno-jazz & pop) at the Popular Public School of Arts in Bucharest (1994), and now he prepares as a bass-barriton since 2005 with (Bucharest Conservatory) Classical Canto Teacher Prof Daniela Slushanschi.
He is involved in many different vocal free-improvised projects with various friends and says that his “organical-vocalising” is rooted in the etno-lines of south romania where he was raised as a child. YOUTUBE-VIDEO

Ji-Gabo (Claudiu Chihaescu)

lives and works in bucharest, studied Modern Sculpture at Fine Arts Academy of Bucharest. He is active as trans-media sculptor, tatoo-artist, electronic musician and sound-designer.


Ahad aka Zsolt Sőrés

Born 1969 in Budapest. Improvised/electroacoustic and noise musician, sound artist, editor, performance and conceptual artist. Groups: Abstract Monarchy Trio (with Franz Hautzinger), a duo with Rhodri Davies, Budapastis (with the members of the Parisian children-noise-rock group, Dragibus) etc. His field of interest and activity – beside music – includes the borderline and the margin of different art forms, too. He is also collaborate with artists from different fields of art (coreographers, stage directors, fine artists and videomakers etc.). He is the member and the program managing editor of the still independent „Tilos Rádió” („Forbidden Radio”) „No Wave” programme. Currently he is the main organizer of the underground film screening series called „Club of Invisible Films” at Ludwig Museum in Budapest. He is the artistic director of „Relative (Cross)Hearings International Indpendent Contemporary Music Meeting” in Budapest. Recently – in 2008 – he edited a book and wrote a preface study about „New Chances of Autonomy” with the texts by Hakim Bey aka Peter Lamborn Wilson among other onthological anarchists. YOUTUBE-VIDEO. BIOS & DISCOGRAPHY.

Pal Toth aka e’n

is a hungarian sound artist and radio producer, living in Budapest. He was the program editor of the illegal Tilos Rádió (the illegal community Radio of Budapest – Forbidden Radio) between 1993 and 1994 and then became a member of the legal Tilos Rádió (Forbidden Radio) in 1995, where he edits programs for today’s experimental, electro-acoustic and underground music tendencies in his show titled, No Wave. In the framework of his program, the audience can often hear “ether concerts” (titled Self-Organizing Chaos) and specific “rozart mixes”, in which he plays his own collage compositions or mixes in live music.
Since 1996 he performed number of concerts around Europe (from the Audio Art Festival in Cracow to Mysteries of the East in Paris). He is a member of the following electroacoustic groups: izo-fr (with Zsolt Sőrés aka Ahad and Zsolt Kovács), PAW Music (with Quentin Rollett and Ahad) and the participant of the english-hungarian group project, The Sonic Catering Band

Villő Turcsány

visual artist, experimental flutist, performer. As a visual artist mostly site specific installations: series of sculptures in space-specific situations. Participated in international sculpture festivals, symposiums and artist residencies.
As a flutist -after finishing 12 years of classical studies- worked and performed with several musicians and performers on the scene of experimental music since 1998. As solo flutist in a space-specific performance with contemporay dancers („Hanging Garden“ and „Winter Garden“, 2003).
Participated music impro workshops: 5. and the 6. Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival, 2006-2007, Cross Hearings festival / Daniel Goode collaborative workshop.
The last period set up performance- series: established “SHU workshop” in 2007. Appeared by live soundworks and several „visual scetches“ by her own body in performances. BLOG



Rádio Zero is a university radio in Lisbon, Portugal, streaming 24/7 on the web; and is a collective of about 50 contributors, and around 10 editors. It promotes free access to broadcasting, allowing any person to access radio. Besides this, it instigates and promotes unorthodox or exploratory uses of radio, as content, form or technology. It is one of the founding partners of the Radia network of radios and promotes a bienal Radio Art Festival in Lisboa, RadiaLx. Implicitly connected with its phylosophy, it also develops software radio technology target at community radios, which has different needs from another type of broadcasters.
Individual artists involved in behalf of Rádio Zero: Ricardo Reis,Pedro Lopes, Paulo Raposo, Luis Antero, Carlos Santos.


Chris Weaver

Born 1980. Production manager at London’s first radio art station, Resonance104.44FM. He is active as an electronic musician and instrument maker as well as the musical director of the station’s radio orchestra.

Ed Baxter

(writer, producer). Born 1960. Co-founder Resonance FM, 1998. Programming Director Resonance FM, 2001 to present. Co-founder Resonance Radio Orchestra, 2004. Radio Education radio-art prize, runner-up, 2006 (”The Arthur Cravan Memorial Boxing Match”). Curator “The Automatic Muse,” Brighton Live festival, 2007. PRSF New Music Award, 2008, runner up (”Carousel Commission”).


DJ Tano

studied choreography and dance a while ago. Since 15 years he joins different types of art (choreography, movie and sound) in his performances in various cities (Budapest, Tbilisi, Amsterdam). He works as a popular live and radio DJ with various radio stations in Hungary and Georgia.

Mamuka Japharidze

born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1962, studied at Tbilisi Academy of Arts, currently lives and works in Tbilisi and UK. He exhibits nationally and internationally, has attended many international artists workshops and residencies, makes performances and ‘actions’, co-ordinates arts projects and exchanges and curates exhibitions. He was selected to represent Georgia at the 48th Venice Biennale.


Barbara Kaiser

studied Transmedia Art at University for Applied Arts, Vienna. Member of Vienna Vegetable Orchestra and of the Performancegroup “z.b.: …”. Part of the Radia-Team Vienna. Videos, Performances, Radioart, Soundresearch and Music.

Borjana Ventzislavova

was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is currently based in Sofia and Vienna. She studied information technology at the Universities of Sofia and Vienna and graduated in visual media art / digital art at the University for Applied Arts, Vienna (2005).

She works in the fields of photography, film/ video, installation, and new media and deals with issues such as identity and marginalization of individuals, as well as different social groups, migration and cohabitation. In the broader sense, the everyday connections and social relations play a central role in her work. She realized a series of collaborative projects together with dezentrale medien and nebudu group. Her works have been exhibited internationally in solo and group shows as well as at media art and film festivals.

Michael Fischer

is working on the intersection of improvised music / soundart on textures on saxophones, violin, radiostudiosetup involving feedback generated soundstructures, exploring the inherence of speech in sound and the syntactic of its particels. Triggerd by his interest in the history of electroacoustic music production, parallel to his explorations on the feedback saxophone, in 1999 he implemented the strictly live radio studio setup soundart series strange aid focused on the idea of instrumentalizing the hardware of the radio studio for sound generation.