Partner Radio Stations

In Vienna, during its 10 year-long existence, ORANGE 94.0 has developed from a media political initiative to a cultural institution, a kind of city radio station, combining the open-access principle with an editorial attitude/characteristic, a positioning mostly in a cultural sense.
The station integrates a social micro-medial space with a relevance to the city of 2 million people, as is unusual for participatory broadcasters in European capitols; linking in with a city-wide innovative media-pedagogic network and forming one of the most important nods for migrant (mother tongue) audiences (including 17 languages), on the other hand still remaining a forum of feminist and political groups and urban cultural scenes.

Radio Green Wave’s coverage area includes 4,5 million people, which is almost all of Georgia`s population. Broadcasting two separate programs in Tbilisi and regionally, the station promotes the development of civil society, environmental awareness, and independant and liberal media.
As a ngo radio station Radio Greenwave is dedicated to the defense of human rights, popularization of the rule of law, monitoring of the government and support of public involvement in the decision making process. more>>

RESONANCE FM is the world’s first radio art station. Established by the London musicians’ collective, it started broadcasting in 2002. It covers the center of London with FM transmission, holds a community of contributors and listeners on-line all around the English-speaking world and beyond and a local basis of nearly 200 volunteers.
RESONANCE FM has been promoting new music, radio art and, on the whole, an attitude of recycling the medium artistically, ever since the authorities had begun to license community media broadcasters; it had also played a role in achieving this legal basis for non commercial broadcasting projects.

TILOS RADIO started out as a pirate in the early 90ies, linked with the community media movement and the New Media scene of Budapest.
During more than 14 years of legal broadcast until now,  TILOS has developed an unique concept of an interactive radio station. more>>
Based on a collective of about 220 contributors the radio station strongly represents young musical and artistic scenes, experimental culture and urban creativity.  At the same time TILOS provides  a space for dialogue, while responding to the specific needs or requests of certain groups in civil society and serving as a factor of social cohesion and integration.  TILOS RADIO is enjoying national popularity as an online radio station (and forum).