Live act III
London-Tbilisi-Lisbon, 22nd of April, 23.00-24.00 (Tbilisi time), Mamuka Japharidze (GE) / dj Tano (GE) / Rádio Zero (PT)

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Mamuka Japharidze: “Listen to Rolling Stone disks from rural water mills on April 22 on the day of Earth Care and find similarity between the stone machines and contemporary turntables for vinyl disks.


I found common between these stone machines and contemporary turntables.


Like bread and butter, mill rolling stone sound and the sound from rolling vinyl disks will synthesize to each other; DJ’s will work to mix these sounds and synchronize and broadcast it between Tbilisi, London and Lisbon radio studios. We hope these mills, charged by water energy with modern players, charged by electricity will build distance orchestra and produce music of peace. The flower milled during the process of recording will be donated to displaced people who are victims of war violence.

This is a problem of my Country Georgia, where I am from and for many countries around the world and especially for Chad, Africa, where humanitarian crisis level is very high.


I hope regarding this project we will make great sound art piece and at the same time it will be a support for peace in the world. ”

mamuka japharidze (initiator)

artists involved:
Mamuka Japharidze (GE)
dj Tanoo (GE)
Ella Gibbs (UK)
Ricardo Reis (PT)
Pedro Lopes (PT)
Luis Antero (PT)

PHOTOGRAPHS of Portuguese Mill: