TRANSEO I.-II. / composition for a checkpoint

Live acts VIII + IX
Budapest – Vienna, 24th of May, 16.30-17.00 (I) + 22.00-23.00 (II) Villő Turcsány (HU) / Borjana Ventzislavova (AT/BG)

archive: live acts VIII + IX

–> follow up project TRANSEO III.

The project is developed not only on an auditive level but also on a performative one.
(I.) Both artists - Borjana from Vienna and Villö from Budapest - are simultaneously attending the border between Austria and Hungary.
They’ve never met before.
The two women are carrying a parcel each. The parcels contain certain elements of life- ’sound-loads’.


(II.) After meeting in between the borders - on a former checkpoint - they continue their journey together until they and their parcels appear again in the evening, on vivid places in the city of Vienna.
What is inside the parcels? No one knows what they really are carrying. Is the inside hiding a baby coming to this world, or is there a woman giving birth, or is there just a nameless body - alive or dead? Nobody can see but some people can hear. How can these ‘inside sounds’ of the parcels be merged into the outside world?
The subjects of border crossing, baby-mother connection, and the parcel as material element which in certain cases could contain one’s life, are relevant for both artists’ body of work: here they meet on a physical and on a psychological level.


20 years later.

It is the beginning of 1989. Villö and Borjana are coming from two different countries in Europe. Have you heard about Hungary or maybe about Bulgaria? Have you heard about the iron curtain?

Villö and Borjana are pen pals. In the 70s in the schools of Eastern Europe, it was common to choose somebody from a list of names that contained people from countries in the eastern bloc, and to correspond with girls and boys within the brotherhood of socialist states. This is how Villö and Borjana met. They wrote to each other for years and arranged everything by letters. They never had the chance to meet each other. Now they have a common plan. Borjana with her newborn idea, and Villö with her ongoing project. They both want to realize their dreams together. Their escape plan is going to be realized. Girls with two big parcels are on the road. But the parcels are starting to have their own live presence, which not even the girls have expected. Whether they’re blessed or not with this additional presence - they must carry on and complete the mission of transporting their ballasts.