Suspension (encore)


rock1Saturday (late): Chris sends a few images (one is shown above). I am at home, where my girlfriend has come down with a virus that has her hallucinating complex sequences of numbers. Curious. Chris doesn’t phone all day and is surprised that I sound “panicky” when I eventually speak to him. I’ve been thinking about this project for about five years and suppose he must suppose I am watching television or doing a crossword…

Chris and Jim are calm and collected about the whole project. Maybe I am the only one  who gets agitated about these things. I get agitated about lots of things. 

I’m quite interested in manifestations of obsessive compulsive disorder as well as those repetitive ticks of behaviour that accompany low level neurosis and illness. I spend quite a lot of time counting the flat surfaces of objects (furniture mostly) as a way of structuring what I must suppose is my lack of control of reality. I am certain it constitutes a “syndrome” of some sort but am not keen to discover more. Typically, while conversing with someone, I will meantime be figuring out how many flat planes a table, mug, ashtray or other object within reach, possesses. Even if I have counted them many times before: in fact, I never retain any clear idea of what typifies a table (say) or chair. I don’t think this remarkable or even problematic: it barely interferes with life . I merely mention it as a perverse aside to the fibonacci sequence mentioned elsewhere. 

Okay, I have to go and listen to a few things before tomorrow’s broadcast; and before my four year old rises and demands all the things she demands.

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