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  1. Hello friends, i`m dr catalin draganescu and this is my personal view and inside-story about the “Cato-Copters” and the viena I&D workshop with our friend Barbara:

    So we met by I&D in viena and being all improvisers, we got to choose anything in our minds as a theme or story, as we where going to re-generate others and others spontane versions of it during the 2-day workshop and see what comes out.
    In the short time before we had a few ” get to know each other and start jamming” discussions during what, along many other personal things, we talked about one car accident that i had in 2003 (6 times the wreck of my car thumbled on the field until it stopped, but we all 3 survived to tell the story).
    Basically during summer seaside holiday i lost control of my (speeding) car in a turn and fortunatelly we all lived, but i lived to tell the story 3 times: as a doctor who goes to car crashes all the time, as a driver who in just a few seconds just become a potentialy dying person or worst, as a killer whithout his will, waiting for the cops to take him to jail.
    During the waiting of an ambulance (that i have called for with my tongue badly bit and hard to speak), i started giving first aid to the two young girls in my ex-car (my girlfriend and a young unknown hich-hiker we just took on the way)
    So i got to think about my job and how many people had been waiting like this for me and my intervention crew with our purring “Cato-Copter” to save them, maybe many with screaming wounds exposed to heat or cold and winds and rain, or maybe dreaming about us coming in a semi-conscious state of mind after a head injury, etc.

    So barbara decided to use this fresh discussion as “the drama theme” and put toghether (just for ourselves… ja right) this provisory sketch in times and stages for a real radio-drama with no spoken words.
    We then just established a few signals to skip from one stage to another, but we didn`t necesary kept this timing as “sacred” it`s just a general basic language:

    (So now, to you all our friends there, feel free to use our “secret” schetch and improvise youselves, maybe with some close dear friends, your own personal “accident story” and send it to us, we are curious how does your version of it sound, and what is your own story linked to it)(

    cato-copters (internal hidden story)
    5 stages:

    somebody is driving, maybe in the countryside, it is beautiful, peaceful, contemplativ.
    7 min

    the carcrash
    an unexpected brutal event that changes everything.
    3 min (slowmotion!!)

    the waiting situation
    you wake up in a partial conciousness, a dreamy state, you hear maybe aspining broken will maybe tibetan bowls, meditation singing, sometimes you feel pain and short panic attacks – maybe an animal will kill you now.
    Suddenly giant Cats gathered arround your body start roaring, you sure are in iminant danger left totally prisoner of a feeling of helplessness.
    You realize you have to calm down and wait and trust your mates that “thay will come”. Will your trust win? Will these roars dissapear?
    15 min

    your salvation is close
    you are now beginning to see the results of your waiting , as the cat roars are slowly transforming into a giant cat purring. All the dangers beginn to estompate into this cato-copter purrs made by the heli-ambulance.
    (exaplanation: the modern low-noise blades brought Cat-names to these helicopters like puma, panther, tigre, actually it is a stealthy technology to approach unwarned enemy soldiers, that dubbles as an ecological undisturbing feature for urban helicopters like ambulances, the sound was designed by aeronautic accoustic engineers and it`s in tune very nice reconforting).
    15 min

    the happy end
    now it’s clear that you are saved at last. Actually the cat purrs proved to be the helicopter`s arriving, so thats surely a good sign…
    The “Killer Jaws and Claws” of a feline roaring became the sound of the helicopters beat through the air. Everything becomes more and more familiar, the cold becomes warm, and strange outside noises become more inside voices like doctors nurses and pilots talking into the radio-station coordinating your salvation.
    An abstract kind of happy conclusion and the “story”, happy jazzy music, sunday morning at the family radio.
    5 min