Keith Rowe: Above and Beyond - excerpt

Why I use the radio:

Found Object

Unpredictable content

Fixed to a time and a place

Part of a global culture and at the same time a local culture.

Part of the process of shifting the object from the utilitarian to the aesthetic.

Allows vulgar materials to be incorporated into the performance

Difficult to determine whether it elevates, degenerates or celebrates the sources of the materials

Additional multiplicity

Creativity at the point of juxtaposition

Integration of another media

Helps to produce a layered sensation

Produces a form of counterpoint


Perpetual variation


Reproduces certain aspects of daily life


Challenges the notion of authority that came from technique

Adds to the polyphony of timbre

Has its own unique texture

A question of reality and a question of art: the artistic fact

Engages in imitation

Replaces the exterior contribution of the composer in some aspects.

Environment and noise

Provides melody for the guitar

Lack of uniqueness in its contribution

Helps with the act of music making, of organising in front of you

Changes the perceptions of the performance.

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  1. Freezelight says:

    very GOOD!!! =)

  2. Kelly Brown says:

    I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?