Live act IV
Budapest-Tbilisi, 3rd of May, 22.00-24.00 (Budapest time), én (HU) / dj Taanoo (GE)
[ora = hungarian: hour, clock]

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Live-composition / Improvisation. A team-play of musique concrete and popular ambient electronics around time.


Radio artist and electro-acoustic composer e’n (aka Pal Toth): “I made a sound collage of different clocks and John Baker’s music. I think, I’ll start with this, then I’ll play various clock sounds. I hope these together will become music. Then i’ll turn off all clock sounds and broadcast just one sound.

The first part symbols the cosmogony. The clock sounds symbol the time passing; and the end equals the end. The difference of the various clock-beats symbols the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The cosmogony, the universe born in one point, is the beginning of time. The point of end is the time ending and the universe’s end: into one point.

The people try to measure the time with the clock. But the time passing is relative for the individual. It is said ‘time is money’, but this is stupid, rather: Time is life itself.”

DJ tanoo (Teimuraz Kurdadze): “It’s the people. When I play music, is for them and with them.” Now Tbilisi based, the popular Georgian radio and dance DJ himself has lived in the Hungarian capitol for more than 10 years. His “timely” ambient electronics set gets woven into the composition and severely alienated at the Budapest mix.