The radio space is rather a public space than a stage or an expected context of art; an everyday medium linked with everyday habits of audiences.

Some of the live acts take place from outdoor locations, like the orchestra of watermill-stones from rural areas in UK, Portugal and Georgia, the climbing of a cliff in Spain or a street performance in Vienna; obviously, the outdoor setting is traditional for live broadcasting. In some locations live acts are part of ongoing experiments to improve the radio stations’ live broadcasting capacities.

In Berlin and Bucharest live acts take the non-stage of radio towards a stage situation;
in Berlin as a mini-Radio installation at an artists’ co-operative gallery for photography, various sound outputs are installed at the 3 room gallery for a polyphonic listening experience.
In Bucharest live acts are performed at a teahouse / library /eventspace, a multi-functional semi-public space and a spot for cultural presentations and debate.

Partner Radio Stations in Budapest, London, Tbilisi and Vienna.
Further Radio Stations:
GRENOUILLE 888 / Marseille is observing the project on the whole and is especially interested in post-production possibilities of recordings from the british experiment SUSPENSION OF BELIEF (live act V).
Broadcasting since 1981, GRENOUILLE 888 has developed and maintained an unique and well recognized local media within the traditionally rich and diverse French radio culture. Dedicated to contemporary art and culture and urban-societal themes, GRENOUILLE 888 brings artists, journalists, community radio producers, university teachers and students into a cultural space of many dimensions (mixed media projects, format laboratory, academic co-operations etc.).

Rádio Zero as a collective of about 50 contributors is a participating artist of the festival.
Rádio Zero is a university radio in Lisbon, Portugal, streaming 24/7 on the web. It promotes free access to broadcasting, allowing any person to access radio. Besides this, it instigates and promotes unorthodox or exploratory uses of radio, as content, form or technology. It is one of the founding partners of the Radia network of radios and promotes a bienal Radio Art Festival in Lisboa, RadiaLx. Implicitly connected with its philosophy, it also develops software radio technology target at community radios, which has different needs from another type of broadcasters.